Sunday, 23 December 2012

New York, in brief.

I apologise for the lack of posts recently, if you read my blog you probably would of seen that I was going to New York and thats exactly where I was and it is also the reason for my lack of posts. Just wanted to clear that up for you guys :)

New York, where do I start? It was simply AMAZING. From shopping in 'Macy's', dining in 'Hard Rock Cafe' and visiting the '9/11 memorial' it was all such a great experience that I will NEVER forget!

This post is mainly just going to be several of my favourite photos from my trip but there will be several posts to follow soon showing you guys some of my favourite new purchases and I also would like to do a post entirely on the '9/11 memorial' as that is something I will never forget and for anyone visiting New York, in my opinion, it is a place you just have to visit, its just beautiful!

So enough of the talking for now and here are the photos..

Yellow cab in NYC
Me standing in Times Square, the sun messed up the pic a lil bit
Our daily walk to Times Square
Hard Rock Cafe
Times Square
Christmas tree at the Rockafeller centre

An ice sculpture of the loch ness monster
A mini NYPD in the middle of Times Square
Bryant Park, where we sat drinking coffee and ate croissants

The birds were so friendly in Bryant Park
Hersheys chocolate world
One of Macys christmas window displays
So there is just a few of the pictures from my trip to 'The Big Apple' . Thats kind of just a brief summary of my trip in pictures but I have a few hundred pictures in total so no doubht I will be sharing more over the next few weeks. There will also be a few related blog posts very soon, including my thoughts on my new MAC foundation bought in the lovely MAC store in Times Square and I am also thinking of doing a few 'Outfit of the day' posts which will surely include some of my new purchases from NY.
Would you guys like to see some OOTD posts? Or I would love to hear any other suggestions for posts!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Beautiful time of year to visit. I've always been more of a west coast boy though, probably because my bf lives in LA but it is amazing there too, you should visit if you haven't already - it's great to compare.

    And definitely do some ootd posts, would love to see what you picked up from the states, Carrie Bradshaw style I hope?!

  2. I surely did. Would love to visit the west coast, a definate for the future!

    Thanks, think I will definately give them a try! Of course, sex and the city eat your heart out!

  3. I would so love to go to NY one day. Nice blog, btw.

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