Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 / A new year!

I hope ye all had a lovely Christmas and have a great New Year (and didn't party too hard)! My internet has been playing up which is why I couldn't wish ye all a Happy Christmas and New Year sooner! I took plenty of pictures so Im planning on posting a 'My Christmas/New Years in photos' blog post, pretty self explanatory really! I love being able to spend time with family at Christmas and I think that family and friends really make Christmas special, im sure many of ye will agree! I loved spending Christmas Day with my family and I know in years to come I will be coming home for mummys Christmas dinner each year!

To be completely honest I am so glad to see the end of 2012, not that it was a bad year but Im just excited for a fresh start (abit cliche I suppose, but true none the less)! 2013 will be a stressful year with the leaving cert and starting college etc. but it's also a sort of milestone in my life because I know so much is going to change this year and hopefully have a positive effect! I brought in 2013 with my boyfriend and his family, not so glamorous-ly might I add! After falling asleep at about 8.30 I was awoken at 11.30 and brought in the New Year with a 'bed head' and smudged mascara! Oh well!

My new years resolutions? Im going to take a differant approach this year. My one and only new years resolution is to Save, Save, Save! With college, holidays and everything in between I know I need to be more mature with my money, prioritise and learn how to save! (Coming from a shopaholic.. Easier said then done!) However I am going to set a goal for myself at the start of each month, try my hardest to achieve that goal and then hopefully it will just turn into a habit. Worth a try eh? Taking it one step at a time. Januarys Goal.. Revamp my skincare routine!

What are your skin care favourites? Organic products anyone?

My recent obsession seems to be baby penguins and I really don't know why! Seen this pic and just had to share it. Aren't these guys so cute?

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