Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chicken Soup for the Womans Soul | Book Review

Apologies in advance for the tiny picture. I was going to take my own but as the weather is pretty rubbish outside the lighting ended up being crap, I would of done the book cover no justice at all, so this one will have to suffice for now unfortunately.

I was recently bought this book as a gift. I first heard about it when my English teacher mentioned it in passing during class one day claiming it was a "very good read". As I have such a passionate love of books and my library of various genres is so extensive, I was eager to find out for myself.

'Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul'  is a real eye opener. Each of the 101 stories inside aim to "open your heart and rekindle your spirit", so far I have not been disappointed. I have not yet finished this book as its more of a 'go to' book for when I'm feeling down and just need that little pick me up! The stories are split up in to sections ranging from 'Love' to 'Overcoming obstacles'. Each story is written by a different author and each are quite short in length. Although they are so short each story is none the less effective and some quite powerful to say the least.

I would recommend this book to any woman, whether you are a book lover or not, these stories are so short that you could just take 5 minutes everyday and dedicate those 5 minutes to a few pages of reading. There are also several other books in the Chicken soup range from teenagers to mothers, there's one to suit everyone. Such a great pick me up read for those oh so dismal days!

To sum this book up in five words - 'Inspiring and truly heart warming.' 

Has anyone else read this book or one similar?

Lucy x 


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